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Super Bowsette

FLOSS game made with Game Maker: Studio 1.4 · By bowsette_game


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Planned features for Beta 3
Last September, we worked to release Beta 2 in time for Bowsette's first anniversary. In the following days, we released a minor version containing bug fixes. S...
Minor update: Super Bowsette Beta 2.1
This minor release fixes a crash that could happen during the Game Over screen, and removes extra Hajins on Course 5 that were used for testing purposes...
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Super Bowsette Beta 2
After over 9 months of development, we are proud to release Super Bowsette Beta 2 on 19/09/2019, when Bowsette makes its first anniversary. This release feature...
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Recent updates
Many updates were made since the first release in December. Right now, the latest version from GitLab features joystick support, completely reworked courses 1 t...
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Hello, I wanted to know if there is a chance of a SNES version planned that can be used on a flashcart.
started by KingKannibal Jan 29, 2022
1 reply
I feel I'm missing something super simple but I'm stuck on level 2. There is a place to jump up to early on but I can't...
started by The Mad Magus May 21, 2021
1 reply