Planned features for Beta 3

Last September, we worked to release Beta 2 in time for Bowsette's first anniversary. In the following days, we released a minor version containing bug fixes.

Since then, work on Super Bowsette has continued and we have made plans for Beta 3. Some of the new features are:

  • An overworld minimap, where you can select which course you gonna play
  • An inventory system, where you can store items like jewels and tools for later use
  • Shops where you can buy power ups (100 coins no longer give you an extra life)
  • 3 fully new courses, along with an improved version of Course 6.

Outside of those big features, there are a bunch of smaller features/quality of life improvements, such as:

  • Revamped HUD
  • Sliding and ladder climbing
  • Bowsette's palette got updated to better match the game's aesthetic
  • Quality improvements, such as adding missing sound effects and better tuning the volume of existing ones

We don't have a release date for Beta 3 yet, but we expect it to be ready before Bowsette's second birthday. As always, you can follow progress on GitLab - Super Bowsette is Free Software.

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