A downloadable game for Windows

Super Bowsette is a free, libre and open-source game developed with Game Maker: Studio 1.4. It's a community project, with mostly original assets.

It features simple controls and each course has a unique theme. You can run by pressing Z, jump by pressing X and breath fire by pressing C. 

Development started at the end of September, right when Bowsette stormed through the Internet, spawning thousands of art pieces every day. It was inspired by an animated gif made by a Japanese artist.

After four months, we finally have a build to show. If you are interested, you can check out our repository. It contains the source code and documentation about the game itself. Contributors are welcomed.

This beta release comes with four levels and a bonus course.


Super Bowsette Beta 0.1.zip 30 MB
Source Code.zip 32 MB

Development log